The market starts to fall

A 10h30, les indices MASI and MADEX lost 0.01% at 11.325 points and 9.224 points, in respective order.

The FTSE CSE Morocco 15 recoiled from 0,03% to 10,340 points. The MSI20 meanwhile, lost 0.01% to 926 points.

The overall volume of trade hovered around 8,5 MDH, mostly drained by LafargeHolcim ( 3,2 MDH).

Biggest increases

Addoha gained 1.85% to 6.6 DH following the exchange of 16,636 shares. RDS gained 0.07% to 27.52DH following the exchange of 4,160 shares.

Biggest drops

Colorado lost 1.5% to DH 46 following the exchange of 61,693 shares. This was the most significant drop in transaction volume at that time.


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