“The media killed Michael Jackson”

Posted on September 16, 2020 at 5:02 p.m.

by Leo

Omnipresent on Twitter lately, Kanye West does not stop. Emerging from a recent hospitalization (he had to be treated at the level of the hand after sending too many messages), Ye then lashed out at Drake and J. Cole, asking them to apologize. He later expressed the wish to reconcile with Jay-Z.

Today, Wednesday September 16, Kim Kardashian’s husband attacks Universal and asks to speak to French billionaire Vincent Bolloré. Very critical, the artist reached bipolarity a accused the media of being responsible for the death of Michael Jackson.

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In open war with Universal and Sony, Kanye West multiplies the interventions against the two groups on Twitter the last days. In an anthology of messages posted on his account, the billionaire first denounces the contracts that labels make artists sign. He then attacks the holders of Universal, which is a company belonging to Vivendi, group led by French billionaire Vincent Bolloré.

Ye expresses his wish to meet the latter, before attacking the media, responsible for the death of Michael Jackson according to him. Lastly, the 43-year-old rapper announces want to get back all their masters and that their children have them. Among several biblical quotes, the native of Atlanta also calls on African Americans to rebel.

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