The Medicine Society of our city made an important donation to hospitals in Punta Alta

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Last Friday the Internal Medicine Society of our city made an important donation of biosafety elements to the Municipality of Coronel Rosales.

Among the donated items, chinstraps, rompers, face masks, No. 95 chinstraps, camisoles, caps, gloves, detergent, bleach, and quaternary ammonium disinfectant stand out.

The Rosaleña Ministry of Health distributed the donated items, in equal amounts, to the Eva Perón Municipal Hospital and the Puerto Belgrano Naval Hospital.

The material was received by the head of the neighboring district’s health portfolio, Leandro Rodríguez, Dr. Laura Bazán from the HMEP and his partner Silvia Mutti by the HNPB.

Source: Telefe Bahía / FM Mega


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