The Mercadona product that everyone talks about: “it’s terrific”

It has an 8 out of 10 score on one of the web pages most used by housewives who make the shopping list. It is one of the products that has aroused the most curiosity from how many Mercadona sells exclusively for Spain and has been on everyone’s lips for months. Few can explain for sure what it is that has catapulted the Hummus that this large Valencian supermarket sells to success, but the fact is that there are few who have not tried it yet. It is Hummus, a prepared dish that is actually just a chickpea puree but which is the delight of many consumers. The recipe seems to be the key. The chef himself responsible for the recipe (a Greek who has become a millionaire) assures that he has been perfecting it for years but, Why is this dish so much talked about? What do consumers think in the end?

“Quality and price in this case agree. It is also a great source for taking vegetable proteins, in this case chickpeas and chickpeas that will come in autumn and winter for spoon dishes ”, argues one of the buyers in a forum. “The only one that can overshadow is Lidl,” says another consumer, emphasizing in the eternal war that the two food chains have been maintaining for months to win over the young or middle-aged public in their supermarkets by offering exclusive products (online sales and exchange strategies in supermarkets in recent months are more than clear ). “I once did it at home but I liked the Mercadona one more than the one I do. We tried the hummus without anything and the one with piquillo peppers, when I was in Morocco it was eaten with a splash of olive oil, I did it like that and it is very good “, a third person, in this case a buyer, says.

The truth is that many are intrigued by what exactly that product that everyone talks about is wearing (and that it is not the only one that for better or for worse has been talked about in recent months). In our gastronomy section several months ago we showed you the recipe to make hummus yourself at home. It’s simple: all you have to do is have a good blender, some canned chickpeas (washed to remove all the preservatives that are inside the broth in which they are put into the can) and a bit of skill. Here are the images to show you how to do it step by step (a video with which you can learn how to do it in less than 10 minutes and with ingredients that are very easy to find).


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