“The messages I received from Falcao and Shakira were a nice gesture”

Luis Javier Mosquera

Luis Javier Mosquera

Luis Javier Mosquera made new confessions and revelations on Sunday night, when he attended and accompanied Ricardo Orrego, head of sports at Noticias Caracol and Caracol Sports for a few minutes, to relive some special moments he had after the silver medal obtained in the Olympic Games, in the modality of weights.

The Valle de Caucano made several issues clear and referred to some situations that reached his heart in the last hours.

*The congrats

“I think a message from Falcao and another from Shakira was a nice gesture. I feel grateful because they congratulated me, thanked me. It is a pride to know that such important people in your country take the time to congratulate them. “

* The last hours

“The truth is that I have barely slept an hour, but well here we are and I want to express to you the joy that I have, I feel satisfied, because thanks to God the result that I was looking for was given.”

* Some pains

“Yesterday I felt a kind of lumbago before the competition, but it did not happen to adults. The teacher put hot cream on me so that the pain would not develop and I was very focused so it wouldn’t affect me. “

*An amulet

“Since I got married every time I go out to competitions I put the ring on my right foot. I feel like that I have my wife, my family, which is something that drives me, gives me that strength and when I don’t have it; I don’t feel that same strength. It is an extra motivation, it helps me lift the weights much better “.

*The future

“Yes, let’s hope to go to Paris, to the next Olympics and climb there. I hope I can have the three medals: the gold, the silver and the bronze. That is a dream, I feel happy, we are going to put him hard, I would 29 years and give Colombia another joy “.

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