The military demand compensation and a “just and dignified” military career

Members of the Association of NCOs of the Armed Forces demonstrate in Madrid.

A group of soldiers has demanded this Saturday in front of the Congress of Deputies and in ten other Spanish cities some salaries and a “just and dignified” military career, since they urgently need to “see in the payroll of each month the recognition of the profession” that they are receiving in the pandemic.

The Professional Association of NCOs of the Armed Forces, Asfaspro, which has 5,500 affiliates throughout Spain, has held gatherings this afternoon in Madrid, Alicante, Cádiz, Cartagena (Murcia), Córdoba, Murcia, Palma de Mallorca, Salamanca, Santa Cruz from Tenerife, Valencia and Zaragoza with banners demanding “a career and dignified remuneration”.

The concentration of Madrid has been in front of the Congress of Deputies and they have participated a score of soldiers with a mask and respecting the safety distance to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.

Fifteen participants have worn yellow vests to symbolize that the last remuneration reform had it 15 years ago, when the then Minister of Defense Jose Bono acknowledged “that it was not fair for a brigade with 21 years of service to charge less than a mosso d’esquadra who had just left”, and they have argued that the situation is now “much worse.”

In the manifesto read in front of Congress, they have highlighted that “the non-commissioned officers are competing to take off their stripes and become a civil guard to have the adequate payroll that their family deserves.”

And they have shown “tired of being gratified only with praise and good words” because “that is nothing more than abuse and lack of respect.”

The vice president of Asfaspro, Javier Paniagua, has stressed that “a soldier earns exactly half that of a police officer or a civil guard who graduated from their training center (who has just left the academy), and this policeman and this guard earn more than a noncommissioned officer with thirty years of service and a lieutenant in the Armed Forces who has a university degree. ”

That is why they are considered “abandoned by the Ministry of Defense on the remuneration issue and also on the military career, since a new military career law is needed to improve the internal career and access “.

Paniagua has assured that they are now “at a work limit” that coincides with the praised work that the military have done and do in the pandemic, in which it has been shown once again that these professionals “are always at the service of the citizen, and they are the last resort of the State. ”


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