News The Minions 2 change release date ... The film...

The Minions 2 change release date … The film will not arrive until 2021


[Mis à jour le 03 avril 2020 à 12h24] Don’t look for the Minions 2 this summer. The film, which was yet to arrive in France on July 8, will miss its initial release date following a decision made by Universal regarding the coronavirus pandemic which forced the studio, like many others, to review its plans. of outputs. After James Bond Dying can wait, the distributor announced that Les Minions 2 would not finally be released in France until July 7, 2021, a year after its initial release date. It was a decision that followed the confinement of a large part of the world’s population and the closure of many cinemas around the world. Obviously, Universal shows little hope for a resolution of this situation before this summer, hence this postponement.

Synopsis – In the 1970s, the young Gru set up a demonic plan in order to join a group of super-villains, the Vicious 6. To carry it out, he could count on his faithful Minions, Kevin, Stuart, Bob and Otto. Together, they will be keen to carry out their first mission.

Les Minions 2 – Cinema release on July 7, 2021



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