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Éric Dupond-Moretti has a little ritual. Every morning he reads … the horoscope. And not just any: the one you find seven days a week in your journal, the Parisian’s horoscope. He is not the only one. Her colleague from Bercy, Olivia Grégoire shares the same addiction. First of all, a cup of coffee or tea in your hand, this question: what do the stars promise us? The Keeper of the Seals (ram), the Secretary of State for the Social and Solidarity Economy (Libra) have developed a horoscopic complicity: they sometimes exchange text messages early on. “Hey, have you seen mr’s day… who’s waiting for me?” “Or” it’s the big heart shape right now. “

The investigation does not stop there… Gabriel Attal (fish) also has his daily meeting with Madame Irma. Except that he doesn’t wait for the Parisian to arrive on newsstands in the morning, but reads his horoscope as soon as our PDF is online around 11 p.m. “I don’t believe in astrology at all, laughs the government spokesman, but I still watch. It is a paradox. “He remembers, for example, that the day of his interview in the magazine Valeurs Actuelles, the stars told him that” his daring was going to pay off. ”

There are three weeks left before the regional and departmental elections. At the moment we cannot say that the planets are lining up for the majority lists. Eric Dupond-Moretti, candidate in Hauts-de-France, Gabriel Attal, candidate in Île-de-France, will look at the predictions of June 20 perhaps even more carefully than usual. But that day, the mercy of heaven will not have much to do with it, it is the electors who will decide.

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