The minutes of the meeting give a deep insight – the Zurich church is appalled by the election of a bishop

The minutes of the meeting show what really happened in Monday’s bishopric election. Harsh words come from Zurich.

It’s about his office: the successor to the bishop emeritus of Chur (Vitus Huonder) should have been elected on Monday.

Foto: KEYSTONE/Arno Balzarini

The canons of the diocese of Chur rejected the Roman list of three moderate bishop candidates at their election session on Monday with eleven against ten votes. According to the minutes of the meeting published by several media, Vicar General Martin Grichting was the spokesman for the conservatives. Today hardly anyone should disturb the progressist course of the German-speaking Swiss bishops, abbots and the representatives of the state church law system, he said. The list of three means a hostile takeover of the diocese of Chur by the bishops of Basel, St. Gallen and the abbot of Einsiedeln. In Rome you would have massively interfered in the appointment of Chur bishop.

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