The Moroccan character of the Sahara is a proven historical fact (French jurist)

The Moroccan character of the Sahara is a historical fact proven by culture, economy and law, underlined Me Hubert Seillan, lawyer at the Paris Bar, president of the “France Maroc, Paix et Développement” Foundation.

Commenting on the speech of King Mohammed VI on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the Green March, Me Seillan, member of the International Platform for the Moroccan Sahara indicated that “all those who know this old and beautiful country of Morocco do not have no hesitation on the subject of the Sahara, because its Moroccan character is a historical fact proven by culture, economy and law. Let us recall that more than a monarchy in the European sense, it was an Empire which extended its influence over the whole of North West Africa ”.

Referring to the last resolution 2548 of the United Nations Security Council on the Sahara, Mr. Seillan, professor of law and author explained that “this normative text, of a binding nature, indeed brings together the best guarantees for a serene future of the provinces of south within the Moroccan community ”.

He recalled that the UN Security Council took note of the Moroccan autonomy proposal and welcomed the serious and credible efforts of Morocco to move forward towards a political settlement, which constitutes, according to him, “a call for realism and pragmatism”.

Referring to the opening by several brother countries and friends of consulates in the cities of Laayoune and Dakhla, Mr. Seillan specified that this is a “major orientation” which means that “these countries have already very largely acted on the Moroccan nature of the territory by installing consular delegations there ”.

He also affirmed that when the Security Council welcomes the measures and initiatives taken by Morocco in the field of human rights, “it is democratic Morocco which is thus recognized”, which constitutes “a overwhelming decisive lesson for systematic censors ”.

And to add that the stake ultimately is not only Moroccan, but regional, African and European. Because the Moroccan Sahara is “a pivotal territory which conditions peace and development on this North-South axis. Thus the future of the whole will be protected by its past ”.


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