The most mind-blowing Demon Slayer group cosplay you’ll see this year is this

At this stage few anime consumers have not heard of Demon Slayer’s good reputation. His film has been made with all the box offices in Japan, being a bestseller. Further, great animation producers Japanese have reacted to such a triumph.

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The reputation of this action adventure packed with epic battles between demons has caused a furor on social media and forums. Therefore, we constantly receive new illustrations and cosplays. One of the highlights of the last few days was this, a perfect re-enactment of the battle with Spider Mother and Tanjiro.

For this reason, and since there is nothing that makes us more happy on the day than a good cosplay, today we are going to show you a group of Demon Slayer:

🌊DEMON SLAYER GROUP🌊 from r/DemonSlayerAnime

The main characters of the anime are perfectly characterized In a nice pond surrounded by cherry trees, very traditional Japanese style.

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