The most pessimistic scenario is coming soon!

There is a clear upward trend in COVID-19 cases, so a decision was made to suspend planned operations and admission. This was stated in “This Saturday” by Prof. Nikolay Gabrovski, Deputy Director for Medical Activities and Head of the Clinic of Neurosurgery in Pirogov.

According to him, the second wave of the infection has shown that at peaks there is a sharp escalation of the infected. He gave an example that from 3-4% of positive cases per day – in a few weeks the percentage has reached nearly 18. He explained that currently 90% of new infections are with the British version of COVID-19.

We are preparing for a pessimistic scenario in the next few weeks. It all depends on everyone’s actions. The epidemic is not over and is currently at its peak, the professor added.

According to him, at the moment in “Pirogov” are occupied a little more than half of the beds allocated for K-19. However, the percentage of positive samples is growing, so the disease is spreading rapidly, he added.

According to him, we are better prepared for the November wave. Even the fiercest critics withdrew. There is no longer any dispute that there is no virus or it is the common flu.

“Definitely the British strain already prevails. Currently over 90% of cases are with this British strain. It is spreading more actively. There are other specifics. The measures are loosened gradually, not suddenly, and people have a choice of what to do. If you are from a risk group or you have contacts with such people, I think you will not decide to go to a restaurant.

The weather is good, people can walk outside, “Gabrovski said, commenting on the spread of the British mutant in Bulgaria and the easing of measures.

According to him, the balance between the measures and the relatively normal life is currently being sought. My call is to be responsible after all. The measures are not so terrible.

The professor was adamant that there are no problems with the organization of the vaccination process at the moment.

“In just a few months, a definite answer has been given to the vaccines. The doctors are ready to give them. They are perfectly familiar with the protocol, if there are any. Yes, people definitely want to be vaccinated. After so many vaccines and so few problems and complications, people are convinced that the way out of this crisis is vaccination, “he said.

Mass vaccination will most likely take place through GPs, but for reasons beyond our control, there are currently no vaccines, Professor Gabrovski added.

According to the head of “Pirogov”, the hospital has a system for working by the minute to administer the vaccines. But problems are created by people who come too early for fear of not finishing the vaccines and by those who have signed up, but do not come until the next day, claiming that they are registered for vaccination.

According to him, there are several more tense months ahead until we manage to catch up with the vaccines. He expressed hope that the situation would calm down in the summer as well.


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