The MR pleads for a 33% “tax shield” on labor

Whether the major tax reform provided for in the government agreement takes place in 2024 or after, the MR wishes to include a “tax shield” at 33% on work and 50% on all income. “Today, the average taxation of workers in our country is 35 to 36%. So a shield of 33% significantly lowers taxes for the greatest number”, points out Mr. Bouchez. “This will concern the middle classes, since beyond a little over 41,000 euros, we already find ourselves in a bracket where the tax can go up to 55%, if we take into account the municipal surcharges” .

“We then want a much more general tax shield, at 50%, which prevents giving more than half of all of its income in tax deductions,” explains Mr. Bouchez.

“What we want is to put an end to fiscal hypocrisy and put more justice into the system, because today, the big salaries are exempt from tax. (…) We consider that lowering taxes is one of the keys to recovery. It is fundamental for our SMEs and our self-employed that we can free up capital quickly, and that we give workers the means to spend “.

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