the Municipality backtracked and added a clause to the rule!

Since the announcement made by the Municipality of Courcelles this Friday, November 13 on the compulsory wearing of a mask for all children from the age of 6, the controversy has swelled within the population. A group of citizens has also decided not to stop there. They created a Facebook group called “My child needs to breathe. Courcelles ”. To date, 387 people have already joined. A Courcellor citizen also wrote to the Minister of Education Caroline Désir. Here is the response received:

” Hello Madam,

Your email has caught my best attention.

It is also our analysis that Madame Taquin exceeded her prerogatives by adopting a measure clearly disproportionate to the objective pursued, without taking into account the real situation in the schools or the psychosocial well-being of the pupils concerned.

This decision conflicts with:

the overall strategy for organizing school life in the context of the Covid-19 health crisis set by the Ministers of Education of the three Communities; the authorization recognized by the Consultative Committee to the three Ministers of Education to regulate this organization of school life; the recommendations of experts and competent health authorities, who in no way recommend the wearing of masks for children in primary education.

This Saturday, November 14, I therefore sent a letter to Madame la Bourgmestre urging her to comply strictly with Circular 7817 organizing school life in the context of the Covid-19 health crisis, which only provides for the wearing of a mask in contact between adults.

Yours truly,

Caroline DESIR

Education Minister “

The Nouvelle Gazette has had confirmation that this letter is authentic from the minister’s office: “Yes, we did send an email to Madame Taquin. Because we believe that the additional measures it has taken are disproportionate. The majority of experts say that wearing a mask from 6 to 12 years old is counterproductive. We have therefore decided not to impose it by following these recommendations ”.

Reverse of the Municipality

From then on, a college was held in Courcelles, this Sunday morning. Elected officials discussed the subject again.

Conclusion: wearing a mask remains compulsory but a clause has been added to this regulation. “Parents who are against it will have to notify it in writing. We have adapted this so as not to create conflict with the faculty. I can understand that not everyone agrees, ”explains Johan Pétré, alderman in charge of Education.

“When we observe the contamination rate, it remains higher than in March and we had confined 3 months! We want to do prevention, put all the chances on our side so that the virus does not spread. We need measures for everyone but we must also understand the Organizing Powers, in their own municipality, which try to protect the citizens. ”

Finally, the alderman points out certain inconsistencies in government decisions: “We have the impression that only the colors are changing. In code orange, we make the decision to suspend lessons and in code red, we let everyone in at the same time! We are in code red and there are no additional measures… ”


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