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In the game against Hartberg, the WAC once again missed top chances. Coach Ferdinand Feldhofer sees no reason to worry (yet).

Of Markus Sebestyen | 05.30, 24 January 2021

Defensively, the WAC has everything under control, things are not going as smoothly up front © GEPA pictures

Two games, no goal. The defense network around goalie Alexander Kofler can be satisfied with the first two games in the new year – if it weren’t for zero in the front too. 180 goalless minutes have already passed in the Lavanttal Arena. It is difficult for the players to explain exactly why nobody hits the front. “We conceded too many goals in the autumn and therefore put a lot of emphasis on the defense in the preparation. It looks good there at the moment. The bottom line is that two points from two games are not enough “says Kofler.

The midfielder probably had the greatest chance against Hartberg Sven Sprangler, who after a Taferner shot the ricochet unrestrained by the already beaten Hartberg goalie Rene Swete could head into the goal and put the ball on the crossbar. “That’s my responsibility. Unfortunately, I let the team down in that situation, ”said Sprangler after the game. But not just him, too Matthäus TafernerSwete got the ball off his feet or captain Michael Liendl have missed top chances per head. “Normally the Liendi does it in his sleep,” says Trainer Ferdinand Feldhofer.

You don’t just have to see the two zero numbers as negative. Playing to zero if you don’t score a goal is also a sign of quality, according to the coach. The team is far from brooding or even panicking. “I’m not worried because we always get top-class opportunities. The luck we need will come back.”, predicts Feldhofer.

The WAC will continue its home game against LASK on Wednesday. The kick-off is at 8.30 p.m. Not exactly the most pleasant time in January.

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