the new Apple Watch 7 is said to be late

Like every September, Apple should soon unveil its new product lines, including the iPhone 13, new Mac computers, iPad tablets and Airpods, but also a brand new Apple Watch Series 7. Particularly awaited, the watch connected should contrast with its predecessors by its design, in particular a much larger screen, and a more powerful processor.

However, according to information from the ‘Nikkei’, relayed by ‘Bloomberg’ on Tuesday, production of the Apple Watch Series 7 started last week on a small scale in Asia, but has reportedly encountered problems. Production had to be suspended which could delay the commercial launch of the product, according to these sources within Apple’s subcontractors, who reported quality problems and mentioned a complex assembly of the new watch. The problems of component shortages linked to Covid-19 also played a role.

Production would therefore have been put on hold while Apple and its partners find a solution. The Nikkei cites in particular a new component dedicated to blood pressure, while recent rumors rather counted on an absence of novelties on the front of sensors dedicated to health.

The date of Apple’s traditional annual “keynote” has not yet been released, but Chinese sources cited by specialized sites refer to the dates of September 14 or 15. Some sources mention announcements that could be made this year in several stages, depending on the products concerned.

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