The new Peugeot 3008 will be entirely manufactured in Sochaux

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The future generation of Peugeot 3008, thermal, hybrid and electric, will be manufactured in the PSA factory in Sochaux (Doubs) giving the site “industrial visibility over more than ten years“AFP learned from management on Tuesday, confirming information from France Bleu Belfort Montbéliard.

The Sochaux site obtained the allocation of the future generation of Peugeot 3008, a successful vehicle, on the basis of a commitment to performance and quality“Said management, who announced the news Tuesday at a Social and Economic Committee (CSE).

The 3008 will be the first vehicle manufactured on “a new generation of electrified platform“,”capable of accommodating thermal, electric and hybrid versions“Said the French automaker. Its production will begin “after 2022“, According to a spokesperson for the site who did not give a more precise date.

According to the group, “the allocation of this platform is crucial for Sochaux’s activity” “The production of a 100% electric model is a first for the Sochaux site“Also noted a spokesperson for the site.

In an extremely demanding economic context, the site is thus confirmed in its vocation of production of CSUV vehicles of wide distribution meeting the current and future environmental expectations of our customers, with a future 100% electric version.“, He stressed.

The largest automobile factory in the country

The production of the 3008 “demonstrates the relevance of the Sochaux 2022 project, for which the PSA Group has invested more than 200 million eurosNotes management. “Sochaux 2022Is a modernization project for the historic and centenary plant of PSA.

With this platform which is designed to produce multi-energy vehicles, the Sochaux site is turning to the production of high-end vehicles that are more ecologically more virtuous“, Welcomed the CFE-CGC, for whom”the production of the 3008 full electric, in addition to the entire range, will be strategic for environmental issues

The CGT regretted that “behind the ad“To produce the future Peugeot 3008,”no precise information, no guarantee and no commitment are taken“, Especially regarding”jobs planned for the productions of this new platform“And”the maintenance of all current jobs dedicated to other productions

PSA Sochaux is the largest automobile factory in the country with 7,300 permanent employees who participate in the annual production of around 500,000 vehicles. The site currently produces the 308, 3008, 5008 and Opel Grandland models.



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