A new video of the moment when the juggler Francisco Martínez died at the hands of a police officer was released this Sunday.

The record corresponds to a security camera installed in a service center in front of the site of the event, where the moments prior to the record that went viral on Friday are seen.

In it, the troops are observed next to Martínez and then go back and surround him, while he advances towards the corner of the street.

Before arriving, the carabinero fires what would be the first shot and the juggler hides in the middle of the plants to finally find himself behind an electricity box.

In parallel, the carabinieri aim at the young man and the rest of the shots are fired, while two young men try to interfere.

The audiovisual material is already in the hands of the Public Ministry and together with the other videos it will be key to clarifying what happened after the identity check.

It should be noted that this Monday the formalization of the police officer investigated for the death of the young man will take place.