The news: Iron and cement prices today, Sunday 24 – 5

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The news site Al-Nabaa publishes iron and cement prices during Sunday’s transactions, where Ezz Steel recorded a price of 10100 pounds per ton, Iron price of tea reached 9600 pounds per ton, and the price of porter iron reached 9600 pounds per ton.

While the Egyptians’ iron recorded 9550 pounds per ton, El-Koumi iron 9500 pounds per ton, and El-Jioushi iron 9500 pounds per ton. The decimal also recorded 9500 pounds per ton, and Maadi 9500 pounds.

Egypt Steel recorded the price of 9500 pounds per ton, the interior iron recorded the price of 9800 pounds, the ferryman 9500 pounds, the gift of 9550 pounds, and the Bianco iron 9500 pounds.

While the armed cement recorded, 750 pounds per ton, as victory cement recorded 740 pounds per ton, and Renaissance Cement recorded 735 pounds per ton, and the specific record 745 pounds.

While Al Suwaidi Cement recorded 750 pounds in a ton, Aswan Cement recorded 740 pounds in a ton, As Al Askari Cement recorded 735 pounds in a ton, and Helwan Cement recorded 750 pounds in a ton.


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