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Covid-19 : l’EU releases 220 million euros for the transfer of patients. The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, announced Thursday the release of an envelope of 220 million euros to allow the transfer of Covid-19 patients between the countries of the European Union (EU), bring it back German wave. At a virtual summit of the Twenty-Seven, she called on member states to share their data “in real time” via a European platform which will identify the capacities in intensive care units and will facilitate transfers.

Ivory Coast: the convoy of a relative of Ouattara strafed. Two days before the Ivorian presidential election, the convoy of one of President Alassane Ouattara’s campaign directors, who is seeking a controversial third term, was strafed on Thursday, without causing any casualties. according to the site Lymphodrome. Patrick Achi, secretary general of the Ivorian presidency, was returning from a meeting when he was strafed “By ambushed attackers who have not yet been identified”, specifies the site. The campaign, very tense, has been in mourning since August by the death of about thirty people. From Belgium, where he is awaiting a possible appeal trial before the International Criminal Court (CPI), former President Laurent Gbagbo called Thursday morning at “dialogue” between the candidates before the ballot, saying they fear a “catastrophe”.

New Zealanders are in favor of euthanasia. New Zealanders voted overwhelmingly in favor of legalizing euthanasia, but opposed the recreational use of cannabis, according to preliminary results of referendums on the two subjects released on Friday. The final results will be published in a week, but, barring a huge surprise, they should not change the trends observed on Friday, according to New Zealand Herald. Early figures show that 65.2% of voters support euthanasia, while 53.1% oppose the legalization of recreational marijuana. The use of euthanasia, for terminally ill patients, should be possible within a year, specifies the daily.

The Osiris-Rex probe saved its samples. The operation to secure the scientific treasure of the Osiris-Rex probe was a success, report The Verge. After collecting a plethora of pebbles and dust from Asteroid Bennu last week, the probe was unable to properly close its storage compartment, letting some of its precious cargo escape. But at the end of a delicate operation, the articulated arm of Osiris-Rex was able to place the remaining samples in a hermetic capsule, fixed in the center of the probe. Osiris-Rex will return to Earth in September 2023.

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