The number of cases reaches a plateau in Montreal

Recent efforts by Montrealers seem to have borne fruit as the progression of new cases of COVID-19 has plateaued in Montreal, regional director of public health Mylène Drouin said on Wednesday.

“The Montreal situation is progressing in the right direction. The efforts that we have been making for several weeks seem to be bearing fruit, ”said Dr. Drouin at a press briefing.

If Montreal remains at the red alert level, the significant increase in cases observed at the beginning of September reached a plateau that has been maintained for two weeks, with an average of 245 cases per day during the last week.

Another encouraging figure is that the virus’s reproduction rate, which measures the number of people in contact with the virus who develop the disease, has fallen below 1.

“That’s excellent news. This is always the goal we are aiming for, to be below the 1 bar. You have, collectively, contributed to reducing your contacts, ”noted Dr. Drouin.

However, some neighborhoods remain more affected than others, she warned, including those of Parc-Extension, Pointe-Saint-Charles, Snowdon, Côte-des-Neiges and Saint-Laurent.

Dr. Drouin therefore called on the population to be cautious in order to protect the most vulnerable populations.


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