The Nursing Syndicate communicates with the Minister of Finance to solve the “mental health” incentives crisis

Dr. Kawthar Mahmoud, the head of the Nursing Syndicate and a member of the Senate, contacted Dr. Mohamed Maait, the Minister of Finance, yesterday evening, to discuss the crisis of disbursing the 170 percent incentives for mental health nursing on a regular basis, based on the decision issued by the Ministry of Finance during the previous fiscal year in November 2021.

The Nursing Syndicate said in a statement today that the mental health nursing staff were surprised by the lack of a budget for the increase during the current year, according to confirmed news reported by the Mental Health Secretariat, despite the decision issued by the Ministry of Finance last year.

She indicated that this increase was obtained by the nursing staff, before the issuance of Law 14 of 2014 regulating the affairs of members of the medical professions, but the exchange was affected after the issuance of the law, and in return, the disbursement was carried out with the help of the Ministry of Finance, until the issuance of the Ministry of Finance’s decision last year to spend Incentives are regularly 170% of the state budget but are omitted in the new budget.

Dr. Kawthar Mahmoud confirmed that Dr. Muhammad Maait responded to our request and promised to solve the 170% incentives issue and present it to the Ministry’s financial department.

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