The opposition pole represented by Moustapha Guirassy and Serigne Cheikh Mbacké Bara Dolly.

It is finally the two opposition deputies, Moustapha Mamba Guirassy and Serigne Cheikh Mbacké Bara Dolly, members of the Freedom and Democracy parliamentary group, who will represent the opposition pole in the Ad hoc committee provisionally chosen this morning.

The Freedom and Democracy parliamentary group expressed this morning during the meeting of the Law Committee, its wish to consult together first to make the choice that will suit all members of the parliamentary group represented by Serigne Cheikh Mbacké Bara Dolly.

As a reminder, the debates were heated this morning between the various representatives of parliamentary groups on the question of the relevance of the elements made available to the National Assembly for the lifting of the parliamentary immunity of the deputy Ousmane Sonko accused of rape and death threats by Adji Sarr.


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