The Organizing Committee of the Ancestor Worship Ceremony in Huangdi’s Hometown held its press conference in Beijing (PHOTO)

Zhengzhou, China (ots) On the morning of March 27, the Organizing Committee of Huangdi’s Hometown Ancestor Worship Ceremony held a press conference in Beijing and announced that the Huangdi’s Hometown Ancestor Worship Ceremony will be held on April 22, 2023 in Xinzheng, Zhengzhou, Henan. The ancestor worship ceremonies will take place simultaneously online and overseas.

The theme of the ancestor worship ceremony in Huangdi’s hometown in Guimao (2023) was “Peace, Concord and Harmony with the Same Root, Same Ancestor and Same Origin”. The program of the ceremony included nine items recognized by China’s State Council as national projects of intangible cultural heritage: the gun salute in the magnificent era, the dedication with flower baskets, the offering of incense with cleansed hands, worship rituals, the reading of worship texts, the Singing chants, worshiping with music and dancing, praying for the blessings of China and harmony between heaven and earth. At that time, China Media Group’s CCTV-4, Phoenix Satellite Television and major network platforms at home and abroad broadcast the event live and worldwide.

This year, Huangdi’s hometown park will be fully opened for the first time after planning and upgrading. During the broadcast of the ancestor worship ceremony, a panoramic view of the construction of the Huangdi’s hometown scenic zone will be shown for the first time, which is an important highlight of the ceremony, which is different from the events in recent years. Before the beginning of the nine program of ancestor worship, a simple, rustic and solemn park opening ceremony will be held at the Root Quest Gate in Huangdi’s hometown, underscoring our devotion to our humanist founder – Huangdi.

Since the launch of the online ancestor worship ceremony in 2020, Chinese people around the world have made worshiping Xuanyuan via the Internet an important part of the ancestor worship ceremony in Huangdi’s hometown. The online ancestor worship ceremony, despite the geographical and temporal differences, has not only generated great interactive participation, but also attracted more and more young people to pay attention to and participate in the ancestor worship ceremony.

This year, the online ancestor worship ceremony has been extensively updated and combined with new technologies to meet the needs of the grand ceremony.

The online platform for ancestor worship standardizes the rituals and etiquette, ensures consistency between online and offline ancestor worship, strives to expand contextualization, deepening, visualization and interaction, enhances the impact of network communication, and stimulates the powerful synergy of the world Chinese prayer for China.

The platform aims to establish “a nationally significant site in the heritage and innovation base of Chinese historical civilization,” “a site where Yanhuang children find their roots, a place for Chinese culture pilgrimage, a place for the experience of Chinese civilization and a place for the practice of Chinese folk education”. The cultural brand demonstration is based on the theme of “Tour in Henan · Reading China”, highlighting the charm of the “roots” and “soul” of the culture of Huangdi, our humanist founder. On a technical level, technologies such as Metaverse and XR (Mixed Reality) will be used to introduce an XR light show, AI virtual technology videos, cultural IP, SVG special effects, interactive games and other products that enable multi-dimensional communication and the attractiveness and increase the influence of the ceremony.

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