The Orthodox Church criticizes the Cyprus Eurovision Song Contest – Abroad – News

Elena Sagrin’s song “El Diablo” has been criticized for singing about falling in love with the devil.

The Cypriot Orthodox Church on Tuesday called on the government to withdraw the song from Eurovision.

“Replace it with another that expresses our history, traditions and what we stand for,” the church said.

A spokesman for Cypriot President Nick Anastasiada said in a television interview on Wednesday morning that the song would not be withdrawn from the competition.

He referred to artistic freedom and said that it was a song contest and that it should not be given an unnecessary dimension.

Meanwhile, more than 16,000 people have signed a petition against El Diablo online.

An anonymous threat to set fire to the building of the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (RIK) was made over the phone last Friday because of the song.

State television later came up with an explanation of the song’s content, pointing out that the song does not honor the devil, but tells about the struggle between radiant good and evil.

The authors of El Diablo are Jimmy Thornfeld, Laurella Barker, Ox and Thomas Stengard.

41 countries will take part in the 65th International Eurovision Song Contest. The semi-finals will take place on May 18 and 20, and the final, which will feature 26 songs, will take place on May 22.

Latvia will be represented in the competition by Samanta Tīna.


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