“The past is there, but you have to leave it behind”

Robert Moreno was introduced this afternoon as the new coach of the Monaco replacing Leonardo Jardim. Shadow of Luis Enrique and his recent and controversial dismissal at the head of the Spanish selection by refusing to take a step back so that the Asturian could regain his position, he flew over the entire press conference. Moreno did not want to talk much about what happened. “I spent nine wonderful years with him (of Luis Enrique). I just have thanks. What happened a few weeks ago is already past. I’ve been a coach for 28 years. Since I was 14 I have been training and now the important thing is that this is my presentation as a coach. The past is there, but you have to leave it behind ”.

The L’Hospitalet coach did not want to be very specific about his goals at Monaco: “They must be the maximum. We all want to win and achieve the best. Our main objective must be to improve every day. If we do that we will be able to reach the final objectives ”.

A flexible technician

“I will adapt my tactics to my players”

The coach did not go into details about how to reinforce Monaco: “I’m not going to make it public because it would seem disrespectful to my players. Monaco, as a big team, have to be attentive to the market and find good players. But I am not going to say which positions must be strengthened ”. Nor did Moreno want to talk much about the game system he plans to impose: “The system is not important. It is not an obsession to play 4-4-2. Soccer is a complicated game. The important thing is the style, not where you occupy the spaces. I’m going to adapt my tactics to my players ”.

Moreno promised to speak in French: “Speaking in French is a matter of respect. Communication with my players is very important ”. In his team will be as second Daniel Guindos, former selector of Equatorial Guinea; Juanjo del Ojo as a physical trainer; José Sambade, goalkeeping coach and Marc Sellerés acting as sports psychology advisor.

Robert Moreno, Monaco coach (SEBASTIEN NOGIER / EFE)

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