The ‘Paths’ to strengthen the health system in Barranquilla

Guaranteeing timely and quality medical care for Barranquilla residents has become the primary objective of the District with the modernization process of the public health network, which continues to advance and plans to benefit more than 170 thousand citizens with new hospital projects.

Since 2008, the district administration has been working to build a solid health model, which has been repeatedly classified as one of the most successful in the national territory.

Although the health emergency caused by Covid-19 was a huge challenge for the hospital infrastructure of the Atlantic capital, in the Development Plan ‘I am Barranquilla’, which is valid for the period 2020-2023, a series of actions were contemplated so that citizens have a timely and adequate response to their health requirements.

“We want the health of Barranquilla to continue its unstoppable march, that is why we are providing them with all the professional capacity so that care is timely and without access barriers. It is our main objective, to guarantee comprehensive insurance for them, minimize the risks of getting sick and provide quality health programs for all, ”said Mayor Jaime Pumarejo Heins.

He was emphatic in stating that in this new stage they will bet on “turning the health system upside down, moving to much more preventive health, with doctors in charge of specific populations.”

The district president also highlighted that the “robustness” in health services continues to grow, which has a direct impact on the quality of life of Barranquilla and the Caribbean region.

“The public hospital network has been and will continue to be a national management model, where the resources obtained by the Prohospitales level 1 and 2 stamp are invested in providing efficiently and transparently to the more than 600 thousand users of the subsidized regime, as well as to anyone who requires it because we are also a regional reference center in health care in the Caribbean, “reiterated the president.

In turn, Humberto Mendoza, Barranquilla’s Secretary of Health, stated that the district network model has provided “mobilization guarantees” to more than 19 thousand users, guaranteeing that “there are no barriers to access” to these services.

The official also said that the great challenge for the public network is to strengthen the preventive medicine model to detect patients with diseases that may pose risks to their lives in time.

“In the city we have a network model that allows patients to access medium and high complexity services without authorizing systems limiting quality and care. We are going to continue strengthening that to provide greater guarantees to citizens, ”he added.

According to the Mayor’s Office figures, health accessibility increased 15 times between 2007 and 2018. It is expected that this year it will increase with the start-up of facilities such as the Camino Ciudadela 20 de Julio and Paso Galán.

For next year, this indicator will continue to grow, taking into account that the works of the New Barranquilla and Nazareth Roads will be delivered, which are being carried out in two important sectors of the city.

Mayor Pumarejo has been making visits to these spaces to verify the progress of the works, taking into account that they were detained for a period due to the pandemic and currently not all the workers have been able to reintegrate, in order to comply with the corresponding regulations.

“We continue to grow with this new offer that adds to a solid network that is providing quality services to Barranquilla residents, demonstrating that it is possible, as we have said for so long, to have quality, sustainable public health that continues to be a pride for each one of us ”, said Pumarejo during one of those tours.


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