The peak of the Meteor Rain and the Mars Moon Conjunction Happens Next Week, JAKARTA – Next week or throughout August 9 to August 15, 2020, there will be 4 Astronomical phenomena occurring.

According to Lapan RI, these phenomena include the conjunction of the Moon and Mars, the peak of the perseid meteor shower, Venus reaching the western elongation, and the end of the moon phase.

Quoted from instagram Lapan RI, here are the details of the astronomical phenomenon:

The moon will be at the farthest point from the earth (Apogee) at 20.46 WIB with a distance of 407,076 km, 69.8 percent illumination (final bump phase) and an angle of 29.5 arc minutes.

The moon is located in the constellation Pisces when it apogee. However, the new moon can be seen when it rises at 22.30 West Indonesia Time from the east and sets the following day at 10.00 West Indonesia Time.

Moon – Mars Conjunction can be witnessed at 22.50 West Indonesia Time and ends when the nautical / nautical dusk ends (24 minutes before sunrise) in the northwest. When this conjunction, the moon will be separated as far as 4.3 degrees from mars.

August 11-12: End of Month Perbani Phase

The peak of the final forestry phase will occur on August 11, 2020 at 22.44 WIB. The moon is 401,942 km from Earth and will appear with a width of 29.7 arc minutes.

During the final phase, the moon will rise around midnight in the northeast and culminate in the north as the sun rises. The moon sets in the Northwest around noon. The moon is in the manzilah botein in the constellation aries.

12-13 August: Peak Perseid Meteor Rain

Perseid meteor showers are active from July 27 to August 24, with a peak on August 12-13, 2020. These meteor showers are named based on the radian points that are the origin of the meteor, which is located at the point of the perseus constellation.

This meteor shower comes from the remnants of comet dust 109p swift tuttle and can be witnessed from midnight until the dawn appears or 24 minutes before sunrise when the radians culminate in the direction of the nut at an altitude of 25.3 degrees. The maximum intensity of this meteor shower is 67-70 meteors per hour with a speed of 212,407 km per hour.

August 13: Venus reaches Maximum Western Elongation & Venus enters the Dichotomy Phase

Venus reaches elongation at 07:21 WIB and will be in the gemini constellation.

Source: JIBI / Bisnis Indonesia


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