The Pentagon called the conditions for a retaliatory strike after the attack on the base in Iraq

The United States will do so “at a time and place that it chooses,” said Secretary of War Lloyd Austin. Earlier in February and March, American military installations in Iraq were subjected to several attacks.


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The US armed forces will retaliate against the militants who attacked their base in Iraq, if necessary. About it stated the head of the Pentagon, General Lloyd Austin, in an interview with ABC.

The presenter asked the minister if the authorities found out who was behind the attack on the Ain al-Assad air base in Iraq, which took place on March 3, 2021. Then five Americans were injured and one person died – an employee of a foreign contractor working for the United States under a contract.

According to Austin, the authorities have already received some information about who exactly is behind the attacks on the air base, they are now checking it to make sure. “If necessary, we will strike back. But we will do it in the place and at the time that we ourselves will choose, “- said the head of the Pentagon.

NATO announced plans to increase contingent in Iraq eightfold

Jens Stoltenberg

Austin noted that those responsible for the missile attack on Ain al-Assad “should be expected to be held accountable for these actions.” At the same time, Washington, according to the Secretary of Defense, intends to give a thoughtful response to the attacks.


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