The people of Malaga that upset ‘The New York Times’ by ‘proclaiming’ the Second Republic 20 years before Spain


Updated:09/17/2020 08: 55h


Mother’s things went so much in Canillas de Aceituno on Palm Sunday 1911, the following day the Congress of Deputies was already discussing what happened in this town of Malaga of 2,000 inhabitants and “The New York Times” analyzed the possible repercussions it could have for the rest of Spain. “Mutiny in Canillas”, titled ABC for days, with the new information that was arriving from that town ruled with an iron hand by a cacique called Jose Marin Pardo, the sinister protagonist of our history.

It all began on Holy Saturday, when a collector hired by this mayor, accompanied by a bailiff and a municipal guard, combed the districts of Canillas in search of


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