The picture has changed for one vote: UDF wins Kottayam Municipal Corporation Presidential election

Kottayam, First Published Nov 15, 2021, 2:47 PM IST

Kottayam: The UDF has won the Kottayam Municipal Corporation chairperson election. As the number of members was equal, it was expected that the votes received by the LDF and the UDF would be equal. However, the absence of CPM councilor Manoj, who was hospitalized due to a heart attack, paved the way for the unexpected victory of UDF candidate Bincy Sebastian.

Candidate Bincy Sebastian received 22 votes as expected by the UDF. Although many dramatic moves were expected today, the deteriorating health of LDF councilor TN Manoj changed things. Manoj could not leave the hospital as the doctors advised him to stay in the hospital. With this, the UDF got 22 votes and the LDF got 21 votes.

The UDF secured victory in the second phase of the polls, replacing the BJP candidate who got eight votes in the first phase. With this, the UDF is regaining the lost power in Kottayam after Iratupetta. The BJP lost control of Kottayam on September 24 with the support of the BJP. Bincy Sebastian, then president, was now contesting and winning.

In the 52-member Kottayam municipality, the LDF has 22 seats. The UDF has 22 members, including former Independent President Bincy Sebastian. The BJP has eight councilors. Opposition leader Sheeja Anil is the LDF candidate in the presidential election. Reba Varkey also contested for the BJP. Last time too, all three of them competed.

In the run-up to the elections, the LDF leadership had interacted with some of the Congress councilors and the Kerala Congress PJ Joseph faction representative. However, Kottayam DCC president Bincy Sebastian ruled out the possibility of a coup d’etat. But with the victory of the UDF candidate in the lead of such a vote, the possibility of such coups ended. If the LDF-UDF membership was equal, the president would have to be elected by lottery like last time.

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