The Pimpinela and a special message for their fans: “We suggest you spend Christmas together”

Lucía and Joaquín Galán present their Christmas Special

This Friday, after 9:00 p.m., Burnet they performed their first streaming show, The year that time stood still in which they gave themselves the pleasure of showing all their facets: singers, comedians and producers. And, in the same way that they have done for more than four decades when they give their recitals live, Lucy Y Joaquin Galán they managed to amuse and excite an audience of all ages.

2020, needless to say, has been very complicated for artists, most of whom have been forced to suspend tours and presentations. However, in this very special year, the most famous brothers of Argentina have managed to fulfill a dream that had been spinning in their heads for a long time. Which? The one to make a Christmas special.

“We want to invite you in a few days”Joaquín announced as soon as his virtual show ended. And, visibly moved, Lucía added: “We have a proposal for all of you: spend Christmas together. Hopefully they are there together with us ”.

Lucía Galán (Photo: Pimpinela Press)

In this new job, Burnet will delight their followers by performing their favorite Christmas songs, from Come to my house this Christmas, of the remembered Luis Aguilé, until Merry Christmas from Jose Feliciano, going through the unforgettable What a Wonderfull World. But they will also have the pleasure of recreating great songs that, perhaps, were relegated to their most resounding successes. These are Lied, Nothing, Impossible, I’m Alone Again, One Hundred Years of Solitude and They’re Going, among many others.

Of course, how could it be otherwise, the Galán brothers will also include some of their classics from yesterday, today and always, such as To That, Now Decide, Brave, Family or Betrayal. And, as a finishing touch, they will premiere the song that they have composed for Maria Engracia, his mother and inspiration for the duo, who passed away last January: You will always live inside of me.

Joaquín Galán (Photo: Pimpinela Press)

Joaquín Galán (Photo: Pimpinela Press)

In early November, in an interview with Teleshow, the Burnet They had discussed the role her mother had played in her career. “We were a middle-class family, our gastronomic dad worked a lot, from five in the morning, so that we could go to good schools and have what we need. If Joaquín and I had worked, it would have been an important contribution to the house, financially. However, mom allowed us to bet on our dream. When you start it doesn’t mean you make money. We spent four years traveling for promotion, as said before, and the first trips were free, we invested in our profession. We neither took money home nor did we support ourselves. They invested in our hope and supported us in every way, ”Lucia had said.

And Joaquín, for his part, had revealed the secrets of the song that made them famous. “It’s not that I didn’t have faith, but I had no idea what was going to happen to Forget me and turn around. I remember telling the CBS plant producer at that time, year 82 … That record had Forget me and turn around, tell me in front of her, I can’t live without you, a lot of songs. I said: ‘What is the first one for you, the single?’ And he says, ‘Are you kidding me?’ ‘No, you are the producer of the company, which one do you think? ‘Without a doubt’ Forget me and turn around ”. And I say, ‘That one ?!’ And he says, ‘Of course!’ I did not refuse but I never imagined that 40 years later I would have a version in Serbia, for example, that we heard the other day on social networks ”, he confessed.


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