The police get their hands on a dozen protesters from Kandialang and Nema 2.

Young people from the populous Néma 2 and Kandialang districts of Ziguinchor initiated a sit-in in the early evening to demand public lighting on the 54-meter path. The press was on hand to cover the sit-in. Police informed of this rally came to the scene to disperse the crowd using tear gas canisters.

At the latest news, around ten young people were arrested. The populations of these two large neighborhoods on the outskirts of the southern capital are calling for clarification on this very popular route to fight against attacks, cases of theft and especially accidents which are frequent.

What aroused their ire is that a few days ago, the populations of the districts of Santhiaba and Belfort which run along this transcontinental road had demonstrated for the lighting of their area. A request very quickly resolved and the lamps were re-lit up to the level of the cultural center of Ziguinchor, the border between Kadior, Néma 2 and Alwar. So frustrated by this situation, the populations of these two neighborhoods did like their comrades from Santhiaba and Belfort to demand the lighting of their neighborhood until they left the city.

Informed, the town hall reacted by the voice of a deputy who lives in one of the districts. Taïbou Diédhiou promises the return of lighting within a few days with the support of Senelec.


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