The Pont de Normandie increases its prices, not its subscriptions

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The Normandy bridge, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary, has just increased its crossing prices. At full price, motorists will have to pay 5.50 euros instead of 5.40 euros until then, and truck drivers 13.80 instead of 13.50.

Good news, however, for subscribers who are not affected by these increases. “Regular users, especially those who use the bridge for their commuting, have not experienced an increase since 1996,” said Eric Lehéricy, director general of the Seine Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Estuary, bridge concessionaire.

What are the recipes for?

The Normandy bridge is the result of an atypical financial package. It was indeed built on the initiative of entrepreneurs in the region and did not benefit from any public subsidy. “The revenue from tolls and the increase this year are therefore used exclusively for the maintenance of the structure and the reimbursement of the debt contracted at the time to finance its construction,” argues Eric Lehéricy. A titanic enterprise whose total cost is around 420 million euros. The CCI Seine Estuaire now reimburses up to 40 million a year.


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