The Pope defends vaccination and condemns “baseless news” about the covid

  • The Argentine pontiff defended the universal and organized access of the population to treatments against the virus

Pope francis on Monday urged the international community to “continue efforts” for vaccinate to the population and to fight against the spread of “unsubstantiated news“about covid.” It is important that efforts continue to immunize the population as much as possible. This requires a multiple commitment at the personal, political level and from the international community as a whole, “said the pontiff in his traditional speech at the beginning of the year before the international diplomatic corps.

The highest representative of the Catholic Church took the opportunity to condemn the spread of “unsubstantiated newsand invited everyone to impose “a reality cure” against the pandemic. “Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly clear how we live in a world of strong ideological contrasts. Many times we allow ourselves to be influenced by the ideology of the moment, often based on unsubstantiated news or little documented facts,” he told ambassadors and representatives of the 183 countries accredited to the Holy See.

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Likewise, Pope Francis highlighted the importance of vaccines and its role in reducing the incidence of the virus in the population. “Vaccines are not magic instruments of cure, but they certainly represent, together with the treatments that are being developed, the most reasonable solution for the prevention of the disease”, and he ended up hinting at the “harsh reality” to which the virus exposes us.

The Argentine pontiff, 85 years old, has spoken out on numerous occasions in favor of vaccination campaigns against covid and once again asked “that monopoly rules do not constitute further obstacles to production and to organized and coherent access to treatments worldwide.”


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