News The price for insulting Griezmann

The price for insulting Griezmann


The reception to Griezmann in the Metropolitan Wanda went from the intensity of generalized pitos that generated atmosphere, to the shameful marginal chant of a stadium bottom: “Griezmann, die & rdquor;, between selflessness and shy reprobation of the rest of the stands. The League will denounce the chants before the competition committee of the Federation and before the anti-violence commission, which are responsible for assessing the severity of insults and imposing another economic fine to the club or the closure of that area of ​​the Wanda Metropolitano tier For some match.

The southern tier of the Wanda Metropolitano is where Atlético accumulates all its problems with antiviolence, for the placement of the fans, by the banners or by the songs. It is where the rojiblanco radical sector, historically known as Athletic Front

Last serious penalty

On October 24, the anti-violence commission already proposed a “Very serious penalty of 75,000 euros to Atlético de Madrid for the repeated disobedience committed & rdquor;, in a harsh statement in which he accused the capital's club of “Provide facilities to people or groups of followers who have engaged in violent behavior on multiple occasions during a sports show in order to support the Club & rdquor;, said the government commission.

That sanction was as a result of the display of an unauthorized banner (in memory of Luis Aragonés and in which the term appeared “Frentistas & rdquor;, referring to the Athletic Front) in a match against Celta; but it was only the last of many clashes between Atlético and antiviolencia, that in each resolution reiterates the permissiveness of the club with its ultras.

Athletic justification

The words of Clemente Villaverde, club manager, have been the only official manifestation in this regard. “Atlético is against any sign of violence. Another thing is that the public, in a moment, can say & mldr; I think it is an attitude that we have not seen throughout the field, maybe in a group of people & rdquor;He said in Movistar at the end of the game.

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World News :

There are enough images and graphic documents to Identify the area from which the insults came and the club, through the subscriptions, could locate those involved. But the club does not seem interested in cutting off the attitudes of its fans.

Love nuance

From Barça, the timorata reaction of Love at the end of the match: “It seems respectable, always. You may like opinion more or less, but it is what you think and what goes out to the public. You have to accept it & rdquor;, said; It was qualified yesterday by the representative of Barça in the box of the Metropolitan: “When you are in the field, you are so involved in everything that is said from the stands & rdquor;justified.

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