The price of the dollar in the National Bank on Friday 10-4-2020

The price of the dollar on Friday 10-4-2020 in the National Bank of Egypt, 15.68 pounds for purchase, and 15.78 pounds for sale, while the euro price recorded 17.0 pounds for purchase, and 17.18 pounds for sale, while for the British pound, it recorded 19.38 pounds for purchase, and 19.63 pounds For sale, the National Bank of Egypt is the oldest and largest bank in Egypt, was established on June 25, 1898, and has the largest branch network in Egypt.

Hisham Okasha, Chairman of the National Bank of Egypt, announced yesterday, Thursday, that the bank issued savings certificates worth more than 47 billion pounds for about 245 thousand customers for the savings certificate, including more than 11 thousand new customers for the National Bank of Egypt, for the certificate of interest 15 % Since its inception until now.

Hisham Okasha added, in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day”, that more than 60% of the purchases were made through the Internet, pointing out that new services were launched with the participation of the bank’s customers in “Al Ahly Net” services via the bank’s website instead of hesitation On the branches to subscribe.

The President of the National Bank of Egypt added, in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day”, that the mechanism developed through the efforts of workers in the sectors of information technology, central operations and the call center to meet this number of requests and inquiries take place under exceptional circumstances, where the branches staff managed the movement of customers within Outside the branch in a professional manner, they are committed to health and safety instructions for the benefit of customers and workers, and of course the central bank’s decision to allow more cash deposits than citizens ’savings to take into account to achieve periodic income for them that had an impact in increasing the value of certificates.

The President of the National Bank of Egypt stressed that the priority is for the health of clients and employees of the bank, as the bank has taken all preventive and regulatory measures approved by the state and the Ministry of Health to hedge, and achieve the greatest possible degree of comfort to customers.


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