The prince in go-kart accident

Friday night writes Expressen that the training ahead of this weekend’s Prince Carl Philips Racing Cup did not go as it should for the Swedish prince.

According to the newspaper, Prince Carl Philip (41) was involved in an accident where one of the wheels on the car fell off, which resulted in him driving off the track on his third lap.

According to the newspaper, the 41-year-old was standing in the gravel while the other cars finished driving, and were then transported away from the track. It is not known if the prince sustained any injuries during the incident, but the newspaper has published photos of him sitting on the back of a quad bike.

MOTORSPORT: Prince Carl Philip has had an interest in motorsport for many years. He has previously revealed that his parents are restless when he drives. Photo: NTB scanpix
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When Carl Philip made his go-kart debut in 2006, the start was not quite as he had imagined. A slippery track and pouring rain created difficult driving conditions for the prince, and in the third qualifying race it said stop,

The 41-year-old lost control of the go-kart, which slipped into a pile of old car tires. Mørbanket Carl Philip had to be treated in an ambulance. Nevertheless, he chose to start in the final.

The Swedish prince was then specially invited to join the team of the Swedish racing king Janne “Flash” Nilsson, who despite the crash was impressed with his student.

– I think he drives great. Carl Philip is calm, and if he had opted for go-karting, he would have been very good, Nilsson said at the time.

Uneasy for the son

Two years later, things also went wrong for the 41-year-old, that time ahead of the Porsche Carrera Cup at Knutstorp in Skåne.

According to Aftonbladet he lost control of the car already in the first test round, and rescue personnel had to be called.

After a while, the prince climbed out of the car, apparently unharmed.

Carl Philip has previously admitted that not everyone thinks his interest is as good. At least not the parents.

– Mom and Dad are a little uneasy. They want me to drive carefully and in a controlled manner, but they do not want me to be too careful – then it will not be any fun, he has previously stated.

In 2013, the 41-year-old Prince Carl Philips arranged the Cup for the first time in Lidköping.

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