The Provincial Council of Valladolid will approve a credit modification to promote urgent investments in the municipalities and subsidize humor festivals

The Commission for Employment, Economic Development and Participation of the Provincial Council, chaired by Deputy Nuria Duque, has ruled this morning the call for subsidies to the municipalities of the province for the organization and development of ‘live’ festivals of humor as a child and medium format to promote innovative actions in cultural matters and to stimulate cultural activity and entertainment tourism in the municipalities.

The call allocates 20,000 euros in aid for the organization of newly created ‘live’ comedy festivals. Monologues, clownings, theatrical improvisations, musical shows, chirigotas, live comedy and concerts that will take place in municipal scenic spaces or in open-air spaces of the town provided by city councils are included. The aid of the Provincial Council will finance personnel expenses and technical expenses, among others.

The intention of the Provincial Council is that each festival is jointly organized by one or more municipalities. It is about bringing together in the same festival several shows proposed by different municipalities, gathered under the same program.

The criteria for granting aid are based on the number of municipalities that participate in each festival; more points the more municipalities there are. The evaluation is also influenced by the number of shows scheduled by each festival, giving priority to those with the greatest number. Likewise, the budget for the evening will be valued, as well as the professionalism of the groups, companies and actors.

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