The PS5’s external SSD is waiting for cooling improvements

Sony is due to release an update in the summer that u PlayStation 5 makes SSD expansion available and improves console cooling. The agency came up with the information Bloomberg from its Japanese sources. Players who are not enough 667 GB of free space on the console’s internal SSD, they can currently expand the capacity of the external drive, but only PS4 versions of games can be installed on it.

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Sony has introduced the ability to easily expand the capacity of an SSD before. It will be enough to remove the plastic cover of the console and insert a compatible one SSD M.2 disk into an empty slot. This is currently not possible. According to Bloomberg, this is due to the heat that an M.2 SSD would generate. Sony must first improve the cooling system, respectively, increase the fan speed to better cool the slot area. For this reason, Sony has not yet specified which SSDs will be compatible with the console PlayStation 5.


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