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Antonio Rapisarda

To get the Warholian quarter of an hour of celebrity – otherwise nisba – in Milan it is now necessary to pick on the statue of Indro Montanelli to the gardens of Porta Venezia. After the neocensors called Sentinelli and the students who smeared LuMe, yesterday was the turn of Cristina Donati Meyer: one who calls herself an “artivist”. Of course. What did you expect to do on a hot Sunday in June? He “integrated” the bronze which represents the largest of the Italian journalists with the puppet of one Eritrean child. In his intentions it would correspond tout court to the “sexual slave, which the journalist bought in Eritrea, during the Italian occupation” in 1936. It is Meyer herself who celebrates her “undertaking”: “Police surveillance is excluded and bypassing the double row of nets and barriers I placed the puppet in the arms of the journalist’s statue and affixed an explanatory sign: “The monument to Montanelli is thus complete” ». This time no vandalism but only the humanitarian tyrant with which – starting from the States and the movement Black lives Matter – the iconoclastic, “Taliban” and summary attacks against leading figures in history continue to be justified.

Scandalous with a lot of sitting outside.  Schiaffo al Fatto: how their heir to Montanelli was paparazzi |  Photo

“It was not necessary to color the statue – he explained in his statement in reference to those who smeared the monument a few days ago -, it was enough to add the twelve-year-old Eritrean girl on his knees whom he abused as a colonialist soldier”. No historical contextualization nor attempt to recall the complexity of an experience (as instead the mayor of Milan invited to do Giuseppe Sala): only the moralistic wand of those who made it their mind to “re-sanctify” history. But there is more. The performer closed her reasoning by admitting that the Montanelli affair in itself is only an “excuse”: «We should be grateful to Montanelli and his monument which, acting in some cases as a scapegoat, has allowed Italians and Italians to know a horrendous past: that of the colonial wars and aggressions of fascism ». Pending the next “feat” against an unarmed statue, from the United States – where everything was born – Trump sings victory against the thugs of his own home. The secret? Zero tolerance. «Since I imposed a 10-year prison sentence, with many people arrested all over our country, vandalism has completely stopped. Thank you!”.

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