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“The Queen of the South 3”: Gerardo Zamora and what he never told about how he came to the millionaire series, his role and Kate del Castillo | Netflix | Telemundo | TVMAS

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Gerardo Zamora was navigating cyberspace when a headline powerfully caught his attention. “”Read the headline. The producer Ximena Cantuarias announced in an exclusive interview for El Comercio that Peruvian actors would be summoned for the third installment of the tuned fiction starring . Announcement that did not go unnoticed by the popular Valentín Condori of “Qué Buena Raza”, who that same day took on the challenge of proving that he was the best option.

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After reading the interview they did with Ximena Cantuarias, I contacted her through social networks to tell her that I was interested in doing the casting. He told me that he was on the list of actors he planned to summon. Apparently he knew my job. Then my manager received from Tondero, the production company that was in charge of the selection of Peruvian actors, the technical explanations that had to be taken into account to record the video casting. Paul Gastelo and Manuel Torres helped me in that process”Recalls the national actor.

Zamora Flores was selected to act in “La reina del sur 3” with Peruvian actors Mayella Lloclla, Emanuel Soriano, Martín Martínez, Rodrigo Palacios and Beto Benites. Cantuarias herself contacted him to give him the welcome and long-awaited news. “It was a Thursday at 8:00 pm when I received a message from Ximena, congratulating me because I had been selected. I remember that moment with great joy, what an emotion to have achieved one more goal within the work that I am doing in a sustained way, without pauses.”, He highlights.

“What a good race” (2002) marked Gerardo Zamora’s acting debut on television. Then he was part of national productions such as: “Too much beauty”, “Eva del Edén”, “Dina Páucar, the fight for a dream”, “This society 2”, “The Great Challenge”, Sally, the doll of the people ” , “LaLola”, “La Perricholi”, among others.

Regarding my international career with ITM, the agency that represents me in Colombia, we have participated in productions of Caracol and Sony Pictures. My first job with Netfix was on “The Queen of the Indies and the Conqueror.” And the last thing I did before the pandemic was ‘Crónicas’, Univision units recorded in Colombia”, Clarifies the actor.

Zamora plays a leading role in the new installment of “La reina del sur 3”. Although the actor avoided giving details of his character, it was known that he plays the leader of a group of commissioned assassins.

I am not authorized to comment on my character or on the relationship he has with the other actors. I am aware that at the beginning of the recordings some information was leaked (that he would play a hitman), but it is not necessarily like that”, Agrees the national artist.

He also said he was proud that the cities of Cusco and Lima will be exposed to the world through the series that has Kate del Castillo in the main role.

Incredible shots have been made in Machu Picchu, the series is going to show the best of our country, the most beautiful places. I really enjoyed the moment when Kate and the Telemundo team met the Inca citadel, they were fascinated, very happy”, Assures Zamora.

Also noteworthy is the acting talent and simplicity of Kate del Castillo, with whom she shared, in addition to recordings, pleasant moments both in Peru and Colombia.

I had the opportunity to meet her in Cusco, at a dinner organized by Tondero, she is a very fun, affordable woman, she greets with affection, her hugs are intense, sincere, she shares her energy. Despite her busy schedule, she takes time to share with the actors, she had very heartfelt comments, because Mayella lost her father this year and I lost my mother. And on her birthday, in Bogotá, she was happy to see us”, Highlights the national actor.

He is also confident that his participation in this project will open the doors to new international markets. “We are willing to take risks, to seek new challenges abroad, to continue on this path that I love and has given me great satisfaction,” he emphasizes.

Finish off shadows

Gone are the difficult moments that the actor lived in 2020, when complaints of sexual harassment appeared against him through social networks, the same ones that – he clarified at that time – came from hackers who used his name “for low acts.”

I prefer to avoid any pronouncement on the subject since I consider that it is to give wings to those who seek visibility at the expense of public figures, thanks to the lightness of social networks”, Remarks Zamora.

Peruvian actor Gerardo Zamora is confident that after passing through
The Peruvian actor Gerardo Zamora is confident that after his stint at “La reina del sur 3” new doors will open for him internationally. (Photo: Instagram / @gerardozamoraoficial)

New airs

Telemundo’s ambitious proposal has gone from being a drug trafficking series to a drama starring Teresa Mendoza, an empowered woman uprooted from her roots.

Queen of the south 3″ Has in the production the Peruvian Ximena Cantuarias and in the direction of Carlos Bolado, Carlos Villegas and Claudia Pedraza. Tondero was the director in charge of the production and realization of the third season of the series in Peru.


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