The radical Gustavo Valdés won by beating in Corrientes and the K suffered a historical setback

Although with a official count very slow during the first hours, on the night of this Sunday the radical Gustavo Valdes he was awarded the triumph and his re-election as governor from Currents until 2025 with the 76.76% of the votes, in an unpublished performance for the UCR and also for Kirchnerism, which fell by a wide difference.

This morning, with 99.06% of the polls scrutinized, the governor harvested 76.76% of the votes and candidate K Fabian Rios the 23,24%.

To celebrate, the president got on the box of a truck and left for a tour of the center of Corrientes, accompanied by a crowd.

Valdés, surrounded by the radical leadership, celebrating his overwhelming triumph.

Ríos acknowledged his defeat in a press conference that he gave in the bunker of the provincial PJ. “The path that I walked personally I walked from the deepest of my convictions. I congratulate those who won. I personally assume defeat and I ask my colleagues that convictions should not be abandoned, ”said the candidate.

In an election marked by the attack suffered by a provincial deputy of the Front of All last Thursday, Valdés, accompanied by Pedro Braillard Poccard as a candidate for lieutenant governor, he confirmed all the predictions and prevailed with more than three-quarters of the votes and by a much higher margin than in 2017, when he had been elected for the first time with 55%.

Unlike that election with “Camau” Espínola in which he won by ten points of difference, this time he surpassed Ríos by more than 50, who achieved less than 24% of adhesions.

What’s more, his victory was a huge contrast compared to the 2019 presidential election, when Alberto Fernández won by more than 20 points of difference in Corrientes over Mauricio Macri.

What’s more, radicalism retains the city of Corrientes, with a comfortable victory for Eduardo Tassano, who wins with almost 70% and surpasses by about 40 points his rival, the current provincial vice-governor Gustavo Canteros. Thus, the fear that existed before an eventual ballot cut was dispelled, which in the end was not so strong.

The victories of Valdés and Tassano had two replies in the vote of senators and provincial deputies, in which the Frente Eco + Vamos Corrientes also exceeded 75 percentage points.

While waiting for the results of the election, Valdés received the main swords of radicalism in the governorship.

While waiting for the results of the election, Valdés received the main swords of radicalism in the governorship.

Shortly after 22, Valdés gave the speech in which he was awarded the victory at the party headquarters, after Braillard Poccard and Tassano did. His first mention was direct of support for Miguel Arias, the deputy shot.

“I want to send a big hug to Deputy Arias and his family. I have repudiated violence all my life, we do not promote violence. As part of the UCR, we wish him and his family the best, that he gets better and recovers.” Valdes said.

He then followed with a thank you message to the entire Radical Civic Union, “my political party” and to each of the 32 political parties that in Corrientes made up the Eco + Vamos Corrientes Front. And he shouted, euphoric: “We are winning with 75% of the votes.”

Too there were reflections related to avoiding confrontation at the provincial and national level. “We have made a proposal so that all Argentines and Corrientes meet. I am not the one who got 75% of the votes, I took them the way of production, work and the modernization that we promote.” He especially greeted “all of us who cannot embrace because of the pandemic” and closed: “If we want a different result, we have to come together, the crack leads to absolutely nothing, the meeting is the way.”

Valdés was photographed with radical allies in the governorate.

Valdés was photographed with radical allies in the governorate.

To Corrientes all the dome of radicalism arrived, with Ernesto Sanz, Alfredo Cornejo and Facundo Manes as main exponents, to celebrate a victory that they defined as “historic”.

No presence of PRO leaders

The PROMeanwhile, he was present only from his Youth, but without central party leaders, such as Mauricio Macri and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta that, however, they celebrated the overwhelming triumph of Valdés throught social media.

In Kirchnerism, on the other hand, silence prevailed in the face of an expected defeat, although not of such a great proportion as that of Ríos ended up.

Valdés, dressed in a white shirt and jeans, voted at the Mariano Moreno school in an operation without unforeseen events, loaded with preventive measures due to the coronavirus pandemic, the same day that the president decided to go to phase 5 due to the decrease in infections in the City.

At noon he was followed by his running mate Pedro Braillard Poccard, current national senator, who voted at Escuela 3 del Centenario, also in the capital.

Ríos, meanwhile, voted minutes after 10:30 at the Manuel Belgrano School. In his message the mention of the attack suffered by Arias prevailed. “I hope that everything develops normally and the fact of political violence is elucidated,” he said in relation to what happened.

Although the scrutiny was slow and was still progressing at press time, the elections were carried out normally and the percentage of voters exceeded 70%, official sources indicated.


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