The Realme 8 Pro in this photo is synonymous with wealth. A mighty middle-man with an ace up his sleeve approaches

We know more and more about the upcoming Realme smartphone. The mid-range Realme 8 Pro is to be a pioneer in terms of a camera, which is to achieve a resolution of as much as 108 MP. We also obtained the first photo of the phone.

March will prove to be a particularly fertile period on the smartphone market, as several important devices from both the flagship and the mid-range will premiere. One of the phones in the latter category will be Realme 8 Pro.

This is what Realme 8 Pro looks like

We recently got to know the partial specification of the smartphone, and today its appearance – does not Realme 8 Pro in this photo look like a synonym for wealth? In my opinion, the most:

photo 91mobiles

The smartphone show was attended by the famous actor Salman Khan, who, unnaturally grabbing the phone in his hand, showed us its back panel. Realme 8 Pro without any surprises will receive a gradient housing with a huge inscription Dare to Leap and a rectangular island for several cameras, probably four.

The heart of the smartphone will be the most important, in this case sensor with a resolution of up to 108 MP. The Realme 8 Pro can be an amazingly equipped photo link and the first low-cost Realme smartphone to have such a powerful unit.

Of course, the 108 MP camera will translate into better photo quality, but for full happiness it will lack, for example, optical image stabilization. There is also no indication of changes in other cameras, so we can expect an 8MP wide-angle mesh and two almost useless cameras for macro and depth.

That’s all we currently know about Realme 8 Pro. Soon, the smartphone will appear in the first benchmarks, which will reveal the model of the processor used in it – almost one hundred percent will be one of the MediaTek Dimensity chips.

Realme drives a wedge in Xiaomi! Realme 8 is a medium with a camera with a powerful 108 MP



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