The reason why DeNA Miura got angry at the expected young left arm after being hit by a full-base arch for two games in a row | Full-Count

Sakamoto was hit by a grand slam on the giant Nakajima following Hanshin Onodera.

■ Giants 8-2 DeNA (27th, Yokohama)

DeNA ・ Director Daisuke Miura’s comment was unusually angry. In the giant game held at Yokohama Stadium on the 27th, pitcher Yuya Sakamoto, the starting pitcher in the third year, hit Nakajima on the first base and scored four goals in four innings. The match was a big defeat of 2-8. Sakamoto was also hit by a grand slam at Onodera at the Hanshin Tigers (Yokohama Stadium) on the 21st, which was his last pitch. It seems that Hama’s Bancho was very disappointed because of the expected young growth stock.

Sakamoto’s ball control was rough on that day, and the straight did not come to the strike zone in the 4th inning, especially when both sides had no points. He was hit by two hits and walked to bases loaded with one out, and walks were no longer allowed, with a count of 3-1 against Nakajima. He managed to bring it to full count by throwing two change-ups and one cut ball, but the eighth change-up was in the middle and was taken to the left middle seat by a 22-year veteran in Japan and the United States.

After the match, Miura pointed out with a stern expression, “Because I was in the middle at the end. It was the same full-base home run as last time. The home run itself hurts, but it was not good to have such a situation.” “I couldn’t manage to keep it down with the fewest goals, and it was the same as last time,” he said.

Sakamoto took a pinch of 1 dead base with a hit by pitch, a hit, and a walk in the 4th inning, which was 3-1 and a 2-point lead in the previous pitched game against the Hanshin Tigers. The straight I was going to remove was in the middle and was taken to the left wing seat. In this scene, the sweetness of control was fatal, and although he did not get a black star, he dropped out with 5 runs in the 4th inning.

This season, the third year, is suffering from 0 wins and 2 losses and an ERA of 7.20.

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