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Euro de football 2020 (and 2021)dossier

Following the investigation published by “Liberation” and the strong media coverage of the devastation caused by sports betting during Euro 2021, the Regulatory Authority threatens to sanction operators in the event of breaches.

In the columns of Liberationn, Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin, the president of the National Gaming Authority (ANJ), had promised that her institution would take action after a football Euro of all records. In the space of a short month of competition, 434 million euros had been wagered on sports betting sites authorized in France. Never seen. Even in 2018, when the France team had yet won the World Cup, such an amount had not been reached.

This Tuesday, July 20, it’s time for action. The ANJ brought together the various sports betting operators to “Take stock” after one Euro “Marked by certain drifts”, as Falque-Pierrotin explains in a press release. During the competition, many people complained about the unprecedented advertising hype from these companies, which did not hesitate to target young people from working-class neighborhoods, regardless of the devastation that this could cause. Several media, the Bondy Blog on your mind, echoed it, causing even the government to react.

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The Secretary of State for Youth, Sarah El Haïry, wrote in early July to the president of the National Gaming Authority to ask her “To consider sanctions” against platforms whose advertisements exceeded the set framework. Arrested this Tuesday, during questions to the government, she renewed her desire to see the ANJ “Act with firmness” and “The platforms do not play the game”. Aware of the problem, the regulatory authority has therefore decided to move up a gear.

In its press release, the ANJ underlines that a “Yellow line has been crossed in terms of advertising pressure”, both on the quantity of advertisements present and on the “Targeting young adults” and maintenance of “The illusion of easy money”. Before the start of the competition, however, she had already called the operators to «vigilance» without apparently having heard the message. For “Combat the drifts observed” and “Clarify, or even complete, the legal framework”, the institution announces launching five projects which must be completed by the end of the year. Among them, we therefore obviously find an analysis of the operators’ promotional strategy, a consultation on advertising and work to define and control addiction. As revealed Release in its investigation, several operators encourage losing players to gamble more and more, even if it means going into debt, by failing to meet their obligations in terms of addiction.

Finally, the National Gaming Authority mentions the limitation of the bets of winning players, which we have also echoed. She recalls that the consumer code applies in this area and that it is therefore impossible to set up different betting limits depending on the profile of the players. A review of the general conditions of use of operators must be undertaken, as Isabelle Falque Pierrotin had mentioned. Ultimately, the ANJ reserves the right to control and sanction operators if they do not comply with the rules set.


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