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The Reproductive Health Laboratory at Hamad Medical Corporation Obtains an ISO Certification

The Reproductive Health Laboratory at the Women’s Health and Research Center of Hamad Medical Corporation has obtained the ISO certificate granted by the British Intertek Accreditation Center for applying the highest quality ethical standards when providing infertility and IVF services to couples in the State of Qatar.
The Intertek Center specializes in the field of quality assurance and accreditation of health and safety programs in the world from a comprehensive and integrated perspective for individuals, workplaces and public places, providing audit, training, verification and certification services.
The process of supervision and training for the reproductive health laboratories at the Women’s Health and Research Center to obtain accreditation took about 4 months.
The granting of this certificate confirms the high quality and safety standards applied by the laboratory that provides service to patients who suffer from reproductive problems, difficulties or delays in pregnancy.
The laboratory is currently conducting from 1,300 to 1,500 IVF vaccination operations, and the number of appointments it conducts reaches 11,000 medical appointments annually, including dates for new transfers and follow-up.
Dr. Hilal Al-Rifai, Acting CEO and Medical Director of the Women’s Health and Research Center, said that obtaining this certificate is a confirmation of the laboratory’s compliance with international standards, which contribute to coordinating technical specifications for IVF services and making the care provided to the patient more effective.
He pointed out that international standards are strategic tools and guidelines to help reproductive health laboratories address some of the most demanding challenges for modern services and that maintaining these standards ensures the greatest possible effectiveness of operations and safely increases productivity, in addition to enhancing the quality of patient care. We are pleased that the Reproductive Health Laboratory has been ISO certified for the high ethical standards it applies.
For her part, Dr. Alia Abdulhadi, Head of Reproductive Medicine at Hamad Medical Corporation, said that the advantages of the ISO certificate are to enhance the level of patient satisfaction, raise performance standards, reduce incompatibilities, monitor the quality of materials used in patient care, improve the current level of performance and conduct an internal audit to ensure compliance, in addition to improving the quality of materials used in patient care. The main indicators of performance.
The Reproductive Health Laboratory provides all services that include providing treatment to couples who suffer from some fertility problems, starting with simple stimulation treatment for intrauterine insemination, up to treatment by completing the IVF cycle using ICSI inside the egg or without using high-level laboratory equipment. .
The laboratory also has a team of andrology specialists to treat male patients with fertility problems and perform surgeries for them, in addition to a fertility preservation service for cancer patients where they can freeze sperm and use them after completing cancer treatment, in addition to a diagnostic service for embryos. Or the sperm of couples who suffer from genetic diseases in order to have a healthy child who does not suffer from any genetic diseases.

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