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▲ “King of Popularity” Chen Ziyu was elected as the mayor of Yongfu Village, Yonghe District. (Picture / Authorized by netizens)

YouTuber Cai Aga released a video a few days ago, and the netizens selected the 10 most beautiful candidates for village chiefs in Taiwan. With the results of the balloting yesterday (26th), 6 people were finally elected, and the popular king Chen Ziyu lived up to expectations and was one of the 6 people who won the election; however, the other 4 people were unfortunately lost.

Elected group:

First place: Chen Ziyu, head of Yongfu Village, Yonghe District, New Taipei City

Second place: Su Hongyu, chief of Jinyali, North District, Hsinchu City

Third place: He Zhining, Head of Pudingli, Hsinchu City

Fourth place: Hong Peiqi, head of Dunhe Lili, Caotun Town, Nantou County

Sixth place: Li Pinjun, chief of Liancheng Liancheng, Nangang District, Taipei City

Tenth place: Lin Jirong, head of Hsinchu City Park

Of the top 10 leading girls in Taiwan, 6 were elected and 4 were left behind.  (Picture / flip from Cai Aga IG)

▲Taiwan’s top 10 leading girls, 6 were elected and 4 were left behind. (Picture / flip from Cai Aga IG)

Unsuccessful group:

Fifth place: Liu Qiujie, Head of Beiwan Village, Yongkang District, Tainan City

Seventh place: Lin Caifei, chief of Dangouli, North District, Taichung City

Eighth place: Luo Yuhan, Chief of Jinling Village, Taoyuan City

Ninth place: Shi Dailing, Head of Guotian Village, Sanchong District, New Taipei City

Cai Aga uploaded a video on his channel on the 14th, saying that he found that there are many young girls running for the district chief this year, so he decided to hold an online poll, and the netizens will select the top 10 people. Since 50% of the selection criteria are voted by netizens, and the other 50% is scored by himself, the ranking results are a combination of objective data and subjective preferences. He also said with a smile: “There is no policy to discuss today! We are so superficial.”

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