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Original title: Restricted latex clothing resurgence? Top ICONs present the sexiest fashion in 22 years for you!

After the bombing of various shows in 2022, the new frontier of the fashion circle is shifting from low-waisted pants and super mini skirts to a more restrictive, Y2K-colored medium-latex.

When it comes to latex, gentlemen will always have a faint smile on their lips. Because latex has long been associated with ‘fetishes’, this material has been controversial because of its universal use, but after a long development, it is no longer an exclusive item for fetishes. Brands have started to create latex clothing that is more in line with modern fashion, and in recent years, with the interpretation of major celebrities, latex clothing has become more everyday. Come and experience the unique charm of latex as clothes and fashion today.

2022 Latex Full Revival

Brand show takes turns

Fashion loves to find inspiration in eroticism, and the association between latex and BDSM makes it never lack of fresh and taboo look and feel, so that it has always been the muse of inspiration for designers. In addition to the comprehensive official announcement of the adidas joint name in the BALENCIAGA 2023 spring show, the pioneering latex mask element has also become the highlight of the show. The following is a list of the surprising use of latex materials by other brands besides BALENCIAGA.


On the VERSACE 2022 autumn/winter ready-to-wear collection, Donatella Versace put on brightly colored latex leggings for the models, lined with tops of different fabrics, to announce the brand’s bid farewell to singleness, focus on diversity, and enter VERSACE 2.0. new era.

  Loewe 22 Fall

The new season of Loewe continues the surreal absurdity of Jonathan Anderson, in which latex is interspersed with leather, PVC and wool, creating an eye-catching contrast.

  Christopher Kane 22AW

This season, Christopher Kane chose to release a new series in the form of digital media. In order to meet the needs of contemporary young people for nudity, the designer instilled his fetish aesthetic into the new series. The combination of latex, hollow and metal chains also makes people feel see more possibilities.

They’re all wearing them, and they’re still looking good

If discussing today’s latex wear, the Kardashian family can’t get around. Outsiders can see that Sister Jin is true love for latex. In 2014, before latex became mainstream, Kim was already wearing it to events. In 2019, Thierry Mugler tailored her latex drop dress, which made her the focus of the Met Gala.

2022 yearMilan Fashion Week Kim appeared on the street in a full set of AVELLANO latex dress and Mochao, which caused countless sounds of long guns and short guns.

Attend the premiere of Kardashians, also choose the favorite MUGLER to add to the audience, dazzling the audience.

And the little sister Kylie’s driving skills are also good. On the day of the Kardashians premiere, she chose Coperni’s latex dress as a red carpet dress, with Amina Muaddi boots of the same color under her feet. Without losing personal style.

The date night with husband Travis Scott is also the same black latex + black super, not only firmly grasp the heart of the man, even sister Khloe also turned into a fan girl and appeared in the comment area with passion and appreciation!

Speaking of the Jin family, how can you miss Wang Zhai Kendall? The glamorous face and the supermodel’s skeleton make Kendou’s driver capture, either as a dark Sailor Moon, or as a domineering queen with a whip in hand.

In the cover filmed for VOGUE CHINA, the California girl is calmly performed under the latex package, and all kinds of amorous feelings are unspoken. ‍

Having seen the three sisters of the Jin family, their latex appearance is also worthy of our reference.

Bella Hadid

  Sydney Sweeney

  Julia Fox

Classic latex shape screen illustration

not only catwoman

The classic latex shape is not only left on the runway or show, but also fixed on the screen. Recently, HBO remakes Maggie Cheung’s “Blurry Tribulation”, and her appearance as a Snitch in the original work is also very charming.

Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection was inspired by this film.

In “Fallen Angels”, Li Jiaxin’s latex fishnet stockings look, I believe those who have seen it are unforgettable, and Wong Kar-wai is still very good at it.

The two-dimensional world also has latex, such as the Japanese animation “Gantz”.

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Now, will you accept latex wear?

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