The return of “Succession”, the deliciously horrifying series about the ultrarich

October 18, Succession returns for a third season on OCS. Over the episodes, this American series on family and power, as cruel as it is hilarious, has become essential. What’s his secret?

“The characters of Succession are still doubting the reality : ‘Is that true? ‘,’ Are you saying true? ‘”, notice the Financial Times. “The funny thing is that nothing is true [dans le scénario] and yet everything is true ”, comments on the British daily.

On October 18, the series created by Jesse Armstrong returns for a third season on OCS (with a day delay compared to the United States, where it is broadcast on the HBO channel). The opportunity to reconnect with the Roy clan, “A family at the head of a colossal fortune and a media empire, which finds itself having to take into account a double biological reality : the patriarch of the family is bound to die one day and none of his children is his clone ”, sums it up Financial Times.

Passing on their heritage to their offspring has always been a headache for captains of industry in real life. According to which criteria to choose his heir (s)? How to train him or them? When will he or them pass the baton?

Succession, already several times awarded at the Emmy Awards, “Compiles everything that could have gone wrong in family conglomerates around the world, and script them with a breathtaking sense of dialogue and satire ”, decrypt it Financial Times. The economic and financial daily is a fan:

In ‘Succession’, history repeats itself, but it’s even funnier and more exhilarating the second time around. ”

Already colorful precedents

The first of these crossovers between fiction and reality: in the first episode of the first season, the captain of industry Logan Roy (Brian Cox) is the victim of a heart attack. The patriarch has not appointed a successor. “And in this, he joins a very popular club”, raise it Financial Times. That of all the sovereigns who died without having succeeded in generating an heir. But also that of Dhirubhai Ambani, Indian petrochemical magnate (1932-2002), who died without leaving a will. His two sons Anil and Mukesh fought a fratricidal battle, as fierce as it was in the media, which led to the partition of the family empire.

In fiction, Logan Roy survives and takes over the reins of the empire he founded. But it is, at first, so diminished that he confuses his son’s desk with a urinal. How not to think about Sumner Redstone [1923-2020], who persisted in remaining at the head of his two media conglomerates, CBS Corporation and Viacom, when he could no longer speak


Marie Béloeil

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